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IT’S TIME TO SHIFT those in resonance and vibrationally ready into the NEW 5D+ Quantum Reality...

~ ♥ ~
  Member Participants may Collaborate/Volunteer within our Community Network of Private Foundations.

~ ♥ ~  Private Foundation Participants may operate their community-service-organisation through a unique, not-for-profit, tax-exempt, non-government, entity; a Private Foundation.
[Our service/s ~ assess your eligibility, and if you meet the required criteria, then we will provide all the information to help you quickly & efficiently set up your very own Private Foundation.]

~ ♥ ~  A Private Foundation may then sustain the Member Participant/s and their families who contract or collaborate/volunteer their services to it.

~ ♥ ♥ ~ We would Love to Collaborate with and Support YOU as we all Transition into the New Paradigm. ~ ♥ ♥ ~

We support and would like to send you a Private "Member Participant" only Invitation to participate peacefully in the global AmUnity Collaborative Community.

The basic endeavours of our Community are to live the New Life peacefully, collaboratively and in harmony with each other, Mother Earth {Gaia}, and all Her life, elemental, vegetation, animal, Human Beings and environments, focusing on “social and environmental sustainability, self-sufficiency and to be free for all Humankind”, without competition, conflict or rivalry.

The Community is in no way forming a sect, cult or religion, it is truly a collaborative, cooperative community, embracing all people on Earth (Gaia).

We are not an exclusive club but an inclusive community that is open to and welcoming everyone who feels aligned with our source code.

The first three pages of the Invitation to Participate in our community is the invitation, overview, and background to the AmUnity Collaborative Community.  The last page is the actual Private Participants’ "Peace Treaty and Declaration".

There are currently Participant requests from all major continents on Gaia, many operating community-service-organizations, doing what they truly love to do.

Essentially the Participants Declaration is between the lower self and the Higher Self.  To the best of our capacity we all agree to commit to the five following things;

~ ♥ ~  To live at peace with our fellow men, women, and children, not injuring or harming them or their property,
~ ♥ ~  To do what You would truly love to do in this lifetime or incarnation,
~ ♥ ~  To be fully responsible for yourself and your actions,
~ ♥ ~  To love Thy Self in fullness in order to love and serve others selflessly and,
~ ♥ ~  To honour our private suveran (sovereign) sentient rights and to be free on Gaia.

Invitations are only via word of mouth from an existing Member.

We are very conscious and discerning when referring and inviting others to join our Community.

We are firstly about like-minded people coming together to support each other in CommonUnity, and secondly about moving to recover our suveran private rights and to be free on Gaia.

Whilst our platform/s is for us to serve each other, both within the AmUnity Collaborative Community and also the wider community, we are not primarily about economics and commerce, but really about Service to Community.

Will you accept our invitation to participate in our emerging, peaceful, global AmUnity Collaborative Community?

Our Journey Begins NOW;  claim your "amUnity Membership; Free" below.

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