IT’S TIME TO SHIFT those in resonance and vibrationally ready into the NEW 5D+ Quantum Reality...


No-thing is mandatory; we have a choice! YOU decide!


Call out to Tribe desiring a peaceful & harmonious path forward.

All social media groups have a strong following of people questioning the current state of affairs.

# Do you desire to feel connected, safe and supported in your community?

# Are you caught up in the never-ending cycle of debt?

# Have you had enough of the "hamster wheel" daily grind just to put a roof over your head?

# Are you looking for a choice in how you live your day-to-day life?

Join us in a solution-based way forward.

We're building bridges and paths to transition to a "NEW WAY", a lifestyle offering community in harmony.

Imagine contributing to a settlement/community that met your individual basic needs.

Imagine waking each day to the valuable gift of time to follow your passions and purpose.

Action is traction, beautiful people.

Open yourself up to endless abundance, blessings and possibilities.

If this inspires, resonates and sparks your curiosity, join the evolution.



"The amUnity Project" IS all about the co-creation & the building of our physical; New Earth Settlements.

What IS

"The AmUnity Foundation Experiment" is an experience like no other, that's what.

What IS

MotherEarth's Mothership, a Research, Development and Experience Headquarters for all our New Earth Settlements, that's what.

To connect, commit & contribute, simply claim a free membership below.

One MotherEarth Community, of four tribes, 30-40 folk each, living in four unique amlets, yet one mob, united as one.

The amUnity Project - stage one - $11,111,111.11 manifesting now...

We are excited to share our Vision & Progress and continue moving forward immediately with those in resonance.

We are about like-minded people coming together to support each other in CommonUnity, and secondly, about moving to recover our suveran private rights and to be free on Gaia.

Whilst our platform/s is for us to serve each other, both within the AmUnity Collaborative Community and also the wider community, we are not primarily about economics and commerce but really about Service to Community.

# change-makers ~ entrepreneurs ~ volunteers ~ participants ~ custodians ~ guardians ~ fun ~ experiences ~ joy ~ events ~ music ~ karaoke ~ fire circles ~ storytelling ~ games ~ arts and innovation ~ holistic wellness and practice

# enterprise-projects > worm farms ~ food waste management ~ aircrete dwellings ~ modular homes ~ syntropics ~ permaculture ~ farming ~ food preserving ~ resource sourcing ~ reclaimed materials ~ recycled plants ~ nursery ~ seed banking ~ homeschooling ~ picture framing ~ woodworking ~ CNC wood routing ~ creative & educational workshops

What skills will you bring?  What's your "chi"? (=chosen involvement)

Will you accept our invitation to participate in our emerging, peaceful, global AmUnity Collaborative Community?

Our Journey Begins NOW;  claim your amUnity Membership below.

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